20 August 2014

Currently #2: Power of Happiness

I'm a particularly happy person generally, I mean why wouldn't I be but some times I do forget to look at my life and actually experience it when it's happening and it just sort of flies by. I mean look at this year, we're 8 months through, it's almost Christmas and New Years feel's like it was just a couple of days a go. What have I got to say for the past 8 months?

So, I have decided to start the '100 Happy Days' Challenge, i'm sure you've heard of it. My friends on Facebook have been doing it on and off for the last couple of years now and i've never given it much thought.

But here is to 100 days of happiness, whether they are consecutive or not. I am going to be sharing my happiness over on Instagram, so if you fancy keeping up with my progress head over to @melharding. I'd also love to keep up to date if you're doing the challenge to. Here is my first post:

Love always,

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