16 July 2014

You crashed my blog...

If you've attempted to visit my blog in the past week then you will have been greeted by an ugly looking image put there by Photobucket explaining that I had exceeded my year's worth of bandwidth. In short, you guys crashed my site because of the insane amount of time you have viewed it recently. But is was my fault really I ignored one of the most obvious blogger rules.

Anyway, after a rather uncomfortable week I have changed servers (hopefully to a much more reliable one), moved all of my content from the old to the new and done a few minor updates the blogs design so please try to forgive me for the lack of posts. But be assured that things are back to normal and posts will be going up as normal from now on.

I love you unconditionally for showing your love and evidently breaking my blog. Here's to hoping it takes you longer this time ;)

Melissa x

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