21 July 2014

'X' - Ed Sheeran

Let's just get this straight, I adore Ed Sheeran. His album '+' was the soundtrack to George and I's trip to Somerset last year, I even have a very nonchalant 'car dance' to 'Grade 8'. Plus (see what I did there ;)) I'm a sucker for a secret song, so his cover of 'The Parting Glove' after 'Give Me Love' was just the cherry on top of an extremely good black forest gateau. So you can only imagine my excitement when Ed dropped his second Album 'X' two weeks ago.

He returns as his one man band in a way that is the same as '+' but also completely different. It's like +'s more mature, experienced older brother. The music really tell's us more about Ed as he opens up a lot more, especially in songs such as 'I'm a Mess', 'Photograph' and 'Runaway'. There are some beautiful songs too like what you would have found on his previous album like 'Tenerife Sea' and 'Affire Love'.

I could have written this blog post when I first got the album but I've waited to really get into it and see which songs I would fall in love with before telling you all about it. And now I think it's easy to say that overall it's one of my favourite, if not my favourite album of 2014 so far. If you haven't checked it out already (I mean why the hell not?) then you should pick it up ASAP.

Love always,
Melissa x

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  1. Not gonna lie i didn't really like Ed Sheeran before i listened to this album, but it is a really good album! So glad i actually listened to it :)


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