2 July 2014

Currently #1: Messages in the sand

Today, George and I took an impromptu trip down to the Beach. This week the weather in England has been something of an anomaly, 26-28 degree's and clear blue skies, so it would have been a sin not to make the most of it. To be honest we're both not really beach people, George isn't fond of the sea or sand and I don't like the idea a sandy picnic, plus the salty air tangles my stupidly fine hair in irreversible ways. But there's always something desirable about the beach, we even go there when it's raining sometimes because despite the weather the beauty remains. Anyway back to the point, we both had fun walking for miles along the coast, sand between our toes and writing messages to the people that will walk here afterwards.

It was such a simple day and I think it was one of my most favourite days we have had it a while and it was one where we didn't really do anything particularly exciting, we didn't spend any money or big it up. It was what it was. To which I had an epiphany, of sorts...

I've decided that i'm going to start this 'series', but take the word 'series' in it's most loosely fitting term. It's not going to be scheduled or anything, well maybe it will, I haven't decided yet. The series is called 'currently' and is all about what is, well... current! What i'm trying to get at is that I don't ever really stop and take in what's happening around me or appreciate the simple things. I'll jump from going to work, to uni, to hanging with my friends and not really stop to smell the roses. I'm sure i'm not the only one either, hands up if your guilty of this too. So 'currently' is my verbal version of stopping and taking a look around.

love always

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