28 July 2014

The British Tag

A couple weeks ago Sammi (beautycrush) created the British Tag and I thought it would be something fun to try this week, let me know if you like these, i'll do more if so...

1) How many cups of tea and how many sugars?

I'm probably the most un-british person ever, I don't like tea. Or coffee. Or scones.

2) Favourite part of your roast?

To make things worse up until about last year I didn't even like roast dinner. I still don't really love it to be honest, but my favourite part is definitely the Yorkshire pudding's. Swimming in gravy, yum!

3) Favourite dunking biscuit?

Either McVities Digestive or Bourbon Creams.

4) Favourite quintessentially british past time?

Would eating fish and chips from paper bags down by the seaside count? I've only ever done that in single digits but it's still one of my favourite things!

5) Favourite word?

Not to sure about this one, at work I always say 'pop', like "I'm just going to pop to the corner shop." I like the word 'chockablock' too, for example "the traffic was chockablock."

6) Favourite cockney rhyming slang?

I didn't actually know hardly any so I just Googled it and I think my favourites are 'Barney Rubble - Trouble' and 'Cream Crackers - Knackered.'

7) Favourite sweet?

I know it's not a sweet (technically) but Cadbury's chocolate is the best, ever. No argument about it. I love pencils though, like those liquorice things you get with the cream in the middle.

8) What would your pub be called?

The Crown. Or The Princess & the Pug. I like fairytales.

9) No.1 British person?

David Beckham. He's just so cool.

10) Favourite Shop/Restaurant?

In terms of British food at a restaurant, it has to be a Beefeater or a good pub. You can't get better English food than at a pub.

11) Which British song pops into you head?

Blue is the colour, the old Chelsea FC song. Who remembers it? OH, or 'Our House' - Madness or 'Up on the Roof' - Robson & Jerome. Such Oldies.

12) Marmite?

No. Never. When I was little my dad once gave me toast and told me it was just burnt. When I realised it was actually marmite I didn't talk to him for a week.

I'm adding a couple questions too: Favourite British TV show?

Mine would be without a doubt Dr. Who. But Top Gear comes in as close second.

Hope you loved this weeks bonus post, definitely a little bit different.

love always,
Melissa xx

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