5 July 2014

Shopaholic? Me? Surely not!

"Hi, my name is Melissa and i'm a shopaholic"

Is there actually such a thing as shopaholics anonymous? I've seen bits of 'Confessions of a shopaholic' but do those places actually exist? If so, I think I need to sign myself up.

It may not yet be out of hand but it's definitely getting that way. All I can think about is shopping, i'm forever making mental notes about what I need, even if I don't really need it. No wait, I do really need that cute, abstract patterned kimono I saw whilst I was at work the other day. I do need it. I do. But I don't really.

I don't think it helps I work in a retail shop either. Customers will walk around and i'll spot what they're holding and think "I need that. Yes it's a tea pot covered in parrots. But I need it." I mean, I live with my parents and don't drink tea but because a customer is walking around with the intent to buy, it suddenly becomes something I need. And then, what's even worse is by law you have to have a break at least every 5 hours. It's like they're giving me a break to entice me in, give me time to make purchases.

It doesn't stop there either, I'll be at home minding my own business, trolling the internet for more things I need to buy. AX Paris, ASOS, BooHoo, i'm browsing. Etsy is the worst, it's like a giant hub of cute little trinkets that pull you in with their sparkly glitter, faux-vintage style or darn cuteness.

Who is with me? I currently have my eye on this pastel coloured, floral co-ordinating short and crop set from Misguided. I'm holding back though, testing my limits to see how long I can last before I crack. I'll keep you updates ;)

Love always,

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  1. I always go on full shopaholic mode during the summer sales, I can't resist buying things normally so when everyone is on sale, I just feel like I have to buy at least something or else I'm wasting the opportunity! If a shopaholics anonymous did exist, I definitely need to go!

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