23 July 2014

Berry picking in the sun

Every year when summer break comes around I always get so stuck for idea's to keep myself occupied. That's why I started this blog, something to keep my mind busy. But on days like today where the sun is making an appearance you have to turn of the computer and make the most of it. After all, the sun doesn't often show its face in England.

Last week, my friend Steph and I went berry picking. I used to go berry picking all the time as a little girl with my child minder and use my produce to make jam afterwards. But since I havn't needed a childminder in about 15 years, it's been about that time since i've been. With our fruit baskets in hand, Steph and I headed to the fields lined with Raspberry and Strawberry plants. I think the strawberry season is just coming to and end at the moment so all of the ones we picked were perfectly ripe and smelt amazing. The raspberry season however lasts a lot longer so we were able pick some less ripe, still beautifully smelling punnets which we might not have to eat so quickly.

Berry picking is great if you like to know your food is fresh and where it comes from, the farm we went to also offers other fruit and vegetable picking to so it's easy to get so carried away. It's also a great activity if you have kids and want them to learn a little bit more about fruit and have fun doing it. I'm thinking about taking my niece in the next couple of weeks if the weather keeps up, she'll love it.

Love always,
Melissa x

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