7 June 2014

Best Italian food in Milan

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to write about a hearty, family run restaurant that I visited whilst in Milan last week, well this is it...

Ristorante Maruzzella Pizzeria is about a 15 minute walk from the historic centre of Milan and just around the corner from a good strip of shops and gelato’s. Inside it's decor is dated but that just add's to the char, you're greeted at the door by the pizza chef who matches every stereotype about Italian chefs. The menu is filled with traditional italian dishes that have your mouth watering just reading it. We ordered Bruschetta as starter to share. Bruschetta is one of my favourite dishes and I will always order it if it's on a menu when we're eating out and it's always 10x better coming from a real italian restaurant.

I had Gnochi as my main which was amazing. The cheese was mixed in with the tomato sauce, i’ve never had it like that before but it was definitely something i'm going to try experimenting with in the kitchen. I actually never managed to finish all of it because the portions were absolutely huge but George devoured his Carbonara which I guess says a lot about how tasty it was as well.

This was, without a doubt my favourite meal from our trip to Milan and I would urge anyone going there in the future to consider taking a taxi down Maruzzella’s. Trip Advisor reviews suggest that there is often a queue to get a table, George and I strolled up at 7.30ish and bagged the last available table and there was a large gathering of people waiting outside when we left so it might be a good idea to book in advance.

If anyone makes it down there, ever, i'd love to hear what you thought too.

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