5 June 2014

Mooching in Milan

First of all I have to apologise for the week of missed posts, but I have a jolly good reason. I’ve been in Milannnn. For anyone who read my last blog post, you’ll already know that for George’s birthday I bought him a trip to Milan and well, we returned late last night and i’m straight on the mark to tell you all about it!

In true holiday fashion, we were on the earliest flight out of Gatwick. It’s definitely one of my favourite parts of a holiday, getting up super early and driving down the motorway as the sun comes up. Just me? When we left the UK it was dry, but grey and very very cold. Arriving in Milan was such a surprise because it was 24degrees when it was forecast for cold, rain all week.

We visited the Duomo which is the Cathedral in Centre Milan and climbed to the roof. Yeah, that's right we climbed all 165 steps to the top. Now I know that doesn't sound like a lot but when you're as unfit as me it definitely takes it's toll. For a couple extra Euro's you can take the lift, i'd fully recommend it! We visited the Castello (Castle) and did a tour around the San Siro Stadium. The tour was overpriced (in my opinion) at 16 euro's each but it's definitely worth doing if you're travelling with a football fan like George.

During the late afternoons when our legs literally couldn't carry ourselves any further we caught some sun in the local parks. If you're someone who enjoys people watching like me, then you would have enjoyed the Italian parks. Everybody seems to go jogging, everybody. It's very different from the occasional power walkers in the English parks. No body minds stripping off and getting into their swimwear either which I found a bit bizarre. I mean there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and I was completely comfortable with it, just it's not something you see here.

Milan is a really nice city to visit if you love walking around and just exploring rather that specific sightseeing as there not many ‘sights’ other than the one’s I’ve already mentioned. The shopping is really good, especially if you’re a sucker for the bigger name brands like Michael Kors and Prada ect. I reckon if I was silly enough to trust myself with a credit card then I could have done some serious damage.

The food anywhere you go in Italy is just incredible, when I went to Rome it was probably my favourite part of the trip. Pasta, pizza and brushetta, just get in my belly. We went to a sit down restaurant everyday but I think my favourite food in Italy comes from the carts you get beside the road, the Salami and cheese panini's are to die for. However, I’ve got a post coming up soon about a restaurant we went to that was hearty, family run and was probably the best italian meal I have ever had. Big statement I know, i'll let you decide for yourself when you read the post. But until then, enjoy some of Georges photo's from around Milan.

Love always,

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