14 June 2014

Top 5 YouTube Vloggers

At 21 and in the breadth of my Uni course, there are definitely more productive things I should be doing with my Summer but everyone has a guilty pleasure. Vlogging is definitely at the forefront of Youtube society at the moment and I don’t know what it is but I love delving into other people’s lives and seeing what more in life others are doing compared to myself. In light of this, I have created a list of my 5 favourite vloggers on YouTube, in no particular order of course because I am way too indecisive to be able to figure that out.

1. EssieButtonVlogs

Estee and Aslan’s vlogs will definitely bring you back down to earth and make you revaluate the simplicity of life and how effective it can be. The two alongside their beautiful greyhound Reggie, produce video's that make me want to just chill the heck out and eat some darn good food. They are always cooking, eating out and exploring London in a way that is so appealing to me, in such a way I reckon the three of us would be very good friends. Traipsing around London, visiting art shows and eating foreign food from street side markets would be the perfect weekend in my eyes.

2. SacconeJoly's

With two young kids and 5 dogs, daily vlogging would be the least of most parents's worries. But somehow Anna and Jonathon manage to pick up the camera every day and produce 20 minute video's, no sweat. Out of all of the YouTube families, this one is probably my favourite. With a camera and basic editing software it's easy to produce media that only shows the good bits, the things people want to see. However Anna and Jonathan don't turn the camera off or edit the parts out where Emilia gets upset or things get a little bit tense. They produce a very real portrayal of family life and to me that's very interesting.

3. DailyBumps

Accurately titled, Daily Bumps is a story about Missy, Bryan alongside their baby boy Oliver through the daily ups and downs of raising a child. What's most moving about Missy and Bryan's story is there initial struggle to becoming parents in the first place. After they both lost two babies, one to miscarriage and one a stillbirth they were still overwhelmingly positive during their third pregnancy. And what a reward they got at the end of it, Ollie is quite possibly the cutest baby boy on the internet, which is quite the award considering he hasn't even turned 1 yet. Their lives are a constant reminder of a hope and love and what amazing effects it can have on your life.

4. FunForLouis

Living the life that most of wished we had, I love travelling and I think if I could pick anything to earn a living from it would be that. And that is Louis' life. He is without a doubt the most carefree, fun loving person on the internet, someone who could probably get on with absolutely anyone. Louis also vlogs daily so there is always a new video of cool adventures to see in your subscription box. If there was one person who could make you feel like your life is so much more boring than you originally thought, then Louis is that person.

5. ViviannaDoesMakeup

Doing things a little differently and slightly more creative is always welcomed in my eyes. Anna has just recently started producing weekly vlogs as another segment to her Beauty channel. There's something about weekly vlogs that are that much more appealing because you don't have to have the most exciting life ever, you just turn the camera on when something vaguely more interesting than moping in your pyjama's happens. I think that's a reoccurring theme here, reality. Whilst Anna doesn't necessarily film the bad bits, she films less which leaves more to the imagination. And with my imagination being fairly scarce it leaves me thinking she's just like me and not someone with the most exciting life ever. More so, Anna's use of editing skills are more advanced than the basic cut and paste which make her video's look like they took that little bit extra time, something that I appreciate.

I hope you love my favourites as much I do, if you haven't heard of them yet click the links, if you have tell what you think in the comments below.

Until next time
Melissa x

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