31 May 2014

Katy Perry - Prismatic World Tour Live

One of my favourite things to do in my time off is to go and see live music. For me there is nothing that compares to seeing live what you listen to through your speakers every day. I love the whole production of stage sets, lighting and dramatic solo’s.

For my 21st birthday back in November, George got me pit tickets to see Katy Perry. Pit tickets usually horrendously expensive because you are located ‘inside’ the stage and in touching distance of whomever may be upon it. I considered getting a pair for when Taylor Swift was touring in London back in february but I just couldn’t bring myself to pay so much to see half the concert from behind. However Katy Perry definitely made pit into something so much more than i’ve seen an artist or band do before.

The pit was renamed the ‘Prismatic Reflection Section’ and we were given gold, glittery wrist bands different from the ones general standing ticket holders recieved. The idea of Katy Perry’s current album is about letting the light in and finding out who you really are, sort of in the form a light spectrum works, which is where the idea of prism originated from. Being in the reflection section was like we were a part of the entire production. Lasers were cast from the trusses and lined the walkways that surrounded us creating the shape of a pyramid, it made it seem like we were the building blocks to said prism which links back to the idea of reflection.

During ‘Walking on Air’ a giant, blue sheet covered our section as Katy flew above us, suggesting the notion of walking on air. It was reminiscent of that game you used to play as kids where you through tar pooling in the air and had to run underneath it from one side to the other.

Regardless of where you were located within the O2, Katy Perry’s show was definitely a production you wouldn’t want to miss. I have been to see a lot of live shows from the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Muse to Taylor Swift and Kesha to smaller productions like Foals, Bastille and Hurts. However I have never seen a stage quite like the one Katy Perry has for this tour. It was so versatile and moulded into a different shape or moved in a different way for each song. It transformed into pyramids, a birthday cake, had platforms that sunk into the stage and rode 15feet into the air, it had area’s which flung dancers into the air like a trampoline and had treadmill effects on the walkways. It is the best use of space and mechanics that I have ever seen live, without a doubt.

I think it is safe to say that the Prismatic tour is one of my favourite shows i’ve been to see, with all of the things i’ve already mentioned and things I haven’t like costumes and visuals and Katy herself. It is definitely not a concert you want to miss. I had seen Katy Perry live once before, early on in her Teenage Dream tour when she played at Hammersmith Apollo where her Wizard of Oz themed production went above and beyond also. If you have the change to see Katy Perry live you should jump and the chance because whether you like her music or not you are going to walk away having had a very good evening. Who knows, if it were to be you birthday you might even get a personal, on stage birthday dance from Miss Perry herself.

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