23 May 2014

21st Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays are always so fun, but when it's a birthday of someone you care so much about there's always that something that makes it 100x more special and exciting than your own birthday. I think anyway.

Yesterday, it was my boyfriend's 21st and I don't think I have ever been so excited, i'm talking 5 year old on Christmas morning excitement. I'd been planning this day for weeks and while I'm good at keeping secrets, I tell George everything so keeping this day a secret was such a challenge.

My present to George was a trip to Milan for a couple days at the beginning of June but the thought of just giving him a piece of paper with flight details on wasn't my cup of tea. Instead I created a treasure hunt that in true 21st spirit and his entrance into true adulthood, sent him around the house solving riddles about things he needs to know to be an adult. If he solved the (incredibly easy) riddles he'd find his presents. The first clue asked him to check the washing machine, to which he walked over and opened the dishwasher. At least he learned something, I guess.

Each clue lead to a different present which subsequently had another clue to follow, to save time theres were only four riddles. That might be down to my lack of rhyming and riddling skills but we'll keep that on the down low for now. The presents were all things that related to our trip; AC Milan Football shirt, Euro's and an Italy travel guide which were in turn clue's themselves. I know, it was pretty clever of me. Needless to say, George was pretty shocked!

George had known his Mum and I were planning something for a little while now so I think the treasure hunt and Milan trip was the perfect disguise for what was to happen next. I took him out to dinner, and whilst we were away all his closest friends gathered at his house for a surprise party. He may have acted super cool when he walked into the kitchen a bunch of 15 familiar faces jumped out from behind the counter tops but I know he was so over the moon we'd all made it there together.

The entire day was amazing, but that evening with all of George's friends was better than I could have imagined. I know it sounds completely ridiculous to say that but I'm so happy I went through the stress of planning it all. Now here's to an early night in order to sleep of this terrible hangover that will not budge.

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