28 May 2014

Thai away from Thailand

After going to Thailand last year and falling in love the country, I have to say that Thai Cuisine is now one of my favourites. Before Saturday, i'd never been to a Thai restaurant outside of the native country and I don't know why it took me so long.

I visited the Thai Terrace in Guildford with George's family last Saturday and it just reassured my undying love for Thailand and my need to go back there very, very soon. The restaurant is located on the top floor of a car park. Now I know what you're thinking because I thought exactly the same but once you're through the front door you completely forget you're anywhere else than beautiful Thailand, especially being above a grotty car park.
At the entrance desk, you're greeted by not 1 but 3 people who greet you in traditional Thai fashion; hands clasped together, head bowed and a gentle “Sawadika” meaning hello in Thai. They ask to take your coats and lead you to the table. What I love about Thai culture is that they are so happy and kind to everyone. Every worker at the restaurant would stop and say hello as you walk by and that's something that I encountered everyday in Thailand last summer too. I wish that was something we could integrate into our society as it's just generally a better way of life.

The food was absolutely incredible, for Starter we all shared a variety of dishes, my favourites being the Prawn Toast and Squid. For my main I ordered a Phad Thai Gai, which is a traditional Thai Noodle dish with Chicken. It's quite similar to the Chinese dish Chicken Chow Mein, just the noodles are a little thicker and the overall taste a lot sweeter. I think it was the most beautifully presented dish of the night and definitely the most beautiful dish i've ever head.

As we waited for the desert menu, the sun began to set and provided us with breathtaking orange and pink tinted views of the Guildford skyline. The entire night was as close to Thai perfection as i'm going to get for a while but it was thoroughly enjoyed. I'm now as desperate to head back to the Thai Terrace as I am Thailand itself, so for those of you who know me well, will understand how good this restaurant is. And whilst the prices of the dishes don't reflect the price of what you'd pay if you were actually out on the beach in Thailand, it is small price to pay to experience such pleasure. The Thai Terrace is definitely a perfect example of Thai away from Thailand.

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