31 May 2014

One of my favourite things to do in my time off is to go and see live music. For me there is nothing that compares to seeing live what you listen to through your speakers every day. I love the whole production of stage sets, lighting and dramatic solo’s.

For my 21st birthday back in November, George got me pit tickets to see Katy Perry. Pit tickets usually horrendously expensive because you are located ‘inside’ the stage and in touching distance of whomever may be upon it. I considered getting a pair for when Taylor Swift was touring in London back in february but I just couldn’t bring myself to pay so much to see half the concert from behind. However Katy Perry definitely made pit into something so much more than i’ve seen an artist or band do before.

The pit was renamed the ‘Prismatic Reflection Section’ and we were given gold, glittery wrist bands different from the ones general standing ticket holders recieved. The idea of Katy Perry’s current album is about letting the light in and finding out who you really are, sort of in the form a light spectrum works, which is where the idea of prism originated from. Being in the reflection section was like we were a part of the entire production. Lasers were cast from the trusses and lined the walkways that surrounded us creating the shape of a pyramid, it made it seem like we were the building blocks to said prism which links back to the idea of reflection.

During ‘Walking on Air’ a giant, blue sheet covered our section as Katy flew above us, suggesting the notion of walking on air. It was reminiscent of that game you used to play as kids where you through tar pooling in the air and had to run underneath it from one side to the other.

Regardless of where you were located within the O2, Katy Perry’s show was definitely a production you wouldn’t want to miss. I have been to see a lot of live shows from the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Muse to Taylor Swift and Kesha to smaller productions like Foals, Bastille and Hurts. However I have never seen a stage quite like the one Katy Perry has for this tour. It was so versatile and moulded into a different shape or moved in a different way for each song. It transformed into pyramids, a birthday cake, had platforms that sunk into the stage and rode 15feet into the air, it had area’s which flung dancers into the air like a trampoline and had treadmill effects on the walkways. It is the best use of space and mechanics that I have ever seen live, without a doubt.

I think it is safe to say that the Prismatic tour is one of my favourite shows i’ve been to see, with all of the things i’ve already mentioned and things I haven’t like costumes and visuals and Katy herself. It is definitely not a concert you want to miss. I had seen Katy Perry live once before, early on in her Teenage Dream tour when she played at Hammersmith Apollo where her Wizard of Oz themed production went above and beyond also. If you have the change to see Katy Perry live you should jump and the chance because whether you like her music or not you are going to walk away having had a very good evening. Who knows, if it were to be you birthday you might even get a personal, on stage birthday dance from Miss Perry herself.

See you next time,

28 May 2014

After going to Thailand last year and falling in love the country, I have to say that Thai Cuisine is now one of my favourites. Before Saturday, i'd never been to a Thai restaurant outside of the native country and I don't know why it took me so long.

I visited the Thai Terrace in Guildford with George's family last Saturday and it just reassured my undying love for Thailand and my need to go back there very, very soon. The restaurant is located on the top floor of a car park. Now I know what you're thinking because I thought exactly the same but once you're through the front door you completely forget you're anywhere else than beautiful Thailand, especially being above a grotty car park.
At the entrance desk, you're greeted by not 1 but 3 people who greet you in traditional Thai fashion; hands clasped together, head bowed and a gentle “Sawadika” meaning hello in Thai. They ask to take your coats and lead you to the table. What I love about Thai culture is that they are so happy and kind to everyone. Every worker at the restaurant would stop and say hello as you walk by and that's something that I encountered everyday in Thailand last summer too. I wish that was something we could integrate into our society as it's just generally a better way of life.

The food was absolutely incredible, for Starter we all shared a variety of dishes, my favourites being the Prawn Toast and Squid. For my main I ordered a Phad Thai Gai, which is a traditional Thai Noodle dish with Chicken. It's quite similar to the Chinese dish Chicken Chow Mein, just the noodles are a little thicker and the overall taste a lot sweeter. I think it was the most beautifully presented dish of the night and definitely the most beautiful dish i've ever head.

As we waited for the desert menu, the sun began to set and provided us with breathtaking orange and pink tinted views of the Guildford skyline. The entire night was as close to Thai perfection as i'm going to get for a while but it was thoroughly enjoyed. I'm now as desperate to head back to the Thai Terrace as I am Thailand itself, so for those of you who know me well, will understand how good this restaurant is. And whilst the prices of the dishes don't reflect the price of what you'd pay if you were actually out on the beach in Thailand, it is small price to pay to experience such pleasure. The Thai Terrace is definitely a perfect example of Thai away from Thailand.

23 May 2014

Birthdays are always so fun, but when it's a birthday of someone you care so much about there's always that something that makes it 100x more special and exciting than your own birthday. I think anyway.

Yesterday, it was my boyfriend's 21st and I don't think I have ever been so excited, i'm talking 5 year old on Christmas morning excitement. I'd been planning this day for weeks and while I'm good at keeping secrets, I tell George everything so keeping this day a secret was such a challenge.

My present to George was a trip to Milan for a couple days at the beginning of June but the thought of just giving him a piece of paper with flight details on wasn't my cup of tea. Instead I created a treasure hunt that in true 21st spirit and his entrance into true adulthood, sent him around the house solving riddles about things he needs to know to be an adult. If he solved the (incredibly easy) riddles he'd find his presents. The first clue asked him to check the washing machine, to which he walked over and opened the dishwasher. At least he learned something, I guess.

Each clue lead to a different present which subsequently had another clue to follow, to save time theres were only four riddles. That might be down to my lack of rhyming and riddling skills but we'll keep that on the down low for now. The presents were all things that related to our trip; AC Milan Football shirt, Euro's and an Italy travel guide which were in turn clue's themselves. I know, it was pretty clever of me. Needless to say, George was pretty shocked!

George had known his Mum and I were planning something for a little while now so I think the treasure hunt and Milan trip was the perfect disguise for what was to happen next. I took him out to dinner, and whilst we were away all his closest friends gathered at his house for a surprise party. He may have acted super cool when he walked into the kitchen a bunch of 15 familiar faces jumped out from behind the counter tops but I know he was so over the moon we'd all made it there together.

The entire day was amazing, but that evening with all of George's friends was better than I could have imagined. I know it sounds completely ridiculous to say that but I'm so happy I went through the stress of planning it all. Now here's to an early night in order to sleep of this terrible hangover that will not budge.

14 May 2014

So I know I did a post about nail polishes last week and I did have something different planned for this week but it's just going to have to wait because I couldn't not post about this straight away. I'm talking about the newly released Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polish Collection. I have heard a lot of good things about them from other bloggers but didn't expect much myself because i'm so in love with Rimmel 60 Seconds Polishes. Whilst the Revlon brush is nothing to compare the polish itself has gone far above and beyond my expectations.

The scent, which is the main selling point of the polish is exquisite. I have just applied China Flower and am typing this as I wait for it to dry enough for a second coat. I keep brushing my hands past my face and the scent is so much more satisfying than the nose burning one of other polishes. It resembles a subtle flowery perfume which isn't something I normally love but this one is mature and not overpowering at all.

The colour is just as beautiful as the scent, a light but bright red which will be perfect for Summer. I was a little worried before purchasing because I read a couple reviews about the formula being a little thin and having to apply more than one coat to get a consistent cover, but to be honest I don't know a nail polish that applies perfect in just the single coat, so this isn't a problem for me.

I only bought the one pot to try but I am totally sold and am going to take a cheeky trip back into town this evening to go pick up some more as they're currently in the Boots 3 for 2 deal. However for £4.49 they're definitely on the affordable and worth picking up next time you're in your local drug store.

I'm hoping to grab a Apricot Nectar, Lavender Soap and Moonlit Woods so I can review (and fall in love with) the three categories of scents that Revlon have on offer; Fruits & Florals, Sweets & Spices and Freshes. I'll let you know how I get on.


P.S. You can keep up to date with my Revlon finds via Instagram and Twitter @melharding

10 May 2014

I had my final hand in for Uni yesterday so for me it's officially summer but the weather most definitely isn't making me feel like it. Currently in my town i'm experiencing grey sky's, gale force winds and rain which is not what I wanted on my first day of freedom, especially when we've had such beautiful sunshine the past few weeks.

So in a desperate attempt to brighten things up i've brought out my collection pastel nail polishes. The summer season hasn't quite hit just yet so i'm trying to hold back on the colours that make me want to hit up the beach, which is why the spring pastels are perfect. They're bright enough to lighten up your mood without making you want to go full on bikini shopping, if you get my drift.

I've got the Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Polish in 'How do you Lilac it?' on at the moment which paired with my the Adroya Daisy Print Swing Dress from Misguided has without a doubt got me feeling happier despite the lack of the suns appearance.

If you're stuck inside revising for exams or finishing off your dissertation I think pastel nails are the perfect way to brighten your day. It's the little things that make the difference.

The other colours pictured are: Breakfast in Bed, Caramel Cupcake, Pillow Talk and Ethereal - all from Rimmel. Essie also have some beautiful spring pastels too, but they've also got some beautiful summer colours which i'm going to invest in next month, watch this space.

love Melissa